Looking for a developer to build/modify a WP professional network

Hi guys, I’m new to wordpress and have limited experience when it comes to web design so please forgive my ignorance. I’m not sure what the protocol is for advertising a job, but I’m looking for someone who can help me build a new WP site that integrates a number of features as outlined below.

So far I’ve found some templates that seem to cover part of what I’m looking for, but some of the features I need are still missing.
I’ve looked at UserPro, Ultimate Membership Pro, KLEO and a few others. I really liked some of their features, but I’m not sure what would suit my needs best. There might even be something else more appropriate on the market that I just haven’t seen yet.

I basically want to create a professional network that combines 5 key areas.
These areas can be treated as seperate sections of the website.
I’m completely open to recommendations about the layout though.

  1. Recruitment, This will be a regular jobs board where employers can advertise jobs.
    For temp/casual hires it will need geo location and calendar booking with transaction ratings/reviews.

  2. A Network directory to allow members search for and connect with each other, and follow employers etc.
    Profiles for members and employers that will act like an online resume/portfolio.

  3. News site for press releases, blog articles, FAQ etc.

  4. A portal for certain members to upload videos or articles and some listings/advertising.
    Some of the videos may require a subscription payment.
    All submissions would need to be approved by admin though.

  5. Classifieds section for members to buy/sell items amongst each other.

There’s a lot, I know.

The interface would need to be clean across the different elements to keep a seemless flow.
If it looks complicated, I think members will loose interest in the site.
The admin dashboard would also need to be kept simple and uncomplicated.
Most importantly, the site needs to be stable, professional and mobile friendly.

I hope there’s enough info there to get the ball rolling.
Would appreciate any thoughts, advice etc.



You will need to check is there any conflicts between plugins and templates. You can customize plugin and template , but all that have some limits.
Sometimes is better to make custom made site that make changes on plugins and template.
In start is more expensive but on long term is better because you can later upgrade site with new things and you will get exactly what you want and need.

Thanks for all the feedback and replies, it’s much appreciated.

I’m a little reluctant to go into too much more detail with the site requirements, but for anyone that sends through a PM, can you also indicate how your experience is relevant to the brief I outlined in my original post?


Hi there,

I have read your requirements and I can surely help you developing this functionality. I have even developed my own user profile system that is used in few upcoming themes of my clients. So please PM me to discuss it further.