Looking for freelance graphics designer to build a Brochure for my company


I am interested in a quad fold brochure for our company.
Size: A4 /page. If there are any issues with this size, please let me know if we should consider any other size like maybe square brochure etc.

Our idea:

  1. Inside left 1:
    Introduction page
    1 main photo and text (Open to suggestion)
    Growth chart

  2. Front Page:
    Company name and logo (Photo - Open to suggestion)

  3. Inside right 1:
    Activities page
    Steel Fabrication - Description and project photos 4 product photos and 4 projects photos with information

  4. Inside right 2:
    Activities page
    2 Halves - Top half: Stainless Steel fabrication - 4 small photos of projects, Bottom half: Aluminium fabrication - 4 small photos of projects and description

  5. Behind Inside right 2:
    Activities page
    2 Halves - Top half: Custom Manufacturing and OEM Support - 4 small photos of projects with description, Bottom half: Painting and finishing - 4 small photos of activities and description

  6. Behind Inside Right 1:
    Machinery List
    8 machinery photos with description (more if possible, depending on size)

  7. Behind Front Page
    2 Halves - Top half: Project Photos. Bottom half: Certifications: 3 certificates

  8. Behind Inside Left 1:
    1 Main company photo of our factory/yard
    Address / Google maps
    Social media and links
    QR Code

This is what I had in mind for the brochure
Please give me your input.

A range of our activities can be seen at our website: https://fmeuae.com/


Hello there. We can do this for you. And more.

Did you know 40% of engineering clients have changed their minds after reading a brochure?

And what you are looking for is something that helps you to stand out. There are many other companies trying to promote their services using brochure printing. First, making them visually appealing is a great start. That includes to-the-point content, eye-catching design, and high-quality brochure folding. And when we say folding, it is not just about making sure edges are even, we mean super creative folding!

And then there is the text. What you are looking for is somebody who writes but does not simply write. That’s us. We write Simply. But we don’t simply write.

At Evolys Digital we get people reading, and keep them reading. We tell the story you need them to hear, without making them work for it. We identify what to say, how to say it and where to say it. So when they’re finished reading. You are not just one of many choices. You are the Benchmark!


Please send some of the existing works on Graphicriver so that I can check if the design philosophy is in line with the vision of the company
Also let us move this our of forum to discuss the details properly


Hi we come from seosem.hr, digital agency from Croatia. Can you send more informations about brochure?