Hi, we are looking for a new website. Our old one www.eme-projects.com needs to be updated into something more modern, fitting a consultancy agency for food&beverage concept development active with most clients in the real estate market.

Besides a new website, based on our old black and white + red logo, we probably need a logo upgrade as well. The current colour shame is rather hard and doesn’t always look good on client documents like presentations etc.

Ideally we find a partner who can combine both:

  • new logo design
  • corporate identity guidebook (fonts, headers, colours textblocks etc. for us to use in documents)
  • new website ( ive already sketched a ideal wireframe + content document with the elements of wireframe)
  • new brochure in PPT (we want to be able to present it, as well as print and handout, always updated ourself)
  • PPT template based on corp id guidebook with 1 titlepage, 5 page background variations, 1 final page.
  • Word document template for project proposals, invoices, and advise documents
  • New ‘Way of Working’ document, which is an a3 overview of our products, services and phases currently in excel. This should be designed in a way that we can edit it within MS office, ie when products and services change but also to look as attractive and be in line with our website and corporate brochure / presentation
  • Business card

we have a 1000,- euro budget for this, and are happy that templates are used and tweaked.
Our current website is wordpress, obviously responsive and needs to be for the new version as well.

Upon request I can send full briefing document, including website wireframe + website content + current brochure + overview of current communication material such as presentations, word documents etc.

(possibly I can develop all word templates myself from the handbook to save you a bit of time).

If you are interested in the assignment, please don’t hestitate to reach out.
The wireframe sketch and briefing clearly states the direction we envision.

We also have a pinterest moodboard to help with direction.

Would you speak dutch this would be an advantage developing the dutch website, otherwise no stress and I can translate myself within wordpress.


Shortly you want lots of for small amount of money. If you want to get some quality offers you will need and increase your budget.
Also you cant except that you will get 1 person who will make all that. Lots of web designers don’t know advanced work in Power point or Word program.
Your current site is in 2 languages and that is like you have 2 sites. You need to make all 2 times.

Hi @emehospitalityprojec!

Drop me a message, we can help you out with the new website and logo that you need!