Brochure Design

Once again I got a hard rejection. Please give your feedback.

hi indeed u have a lot of work ahead … apart from teh cover , which is a bit better , all teh rest needs a real visual improvement indeed , u also need to make sur ethat the lay out looks professional, that all elements are professionally organized . Your set of icon is also too close from the folding, and u really need to introduce real originalities to your work. Some effects and additional raphic are also required according to me so that the design looks better , good luck i hope u can bring this item to teh next level and get approved , have a nice day :slight_smile:

Dear n2n44,
Thank you so much for your valuable feedback. It will really help me improve my work. Ok I’ll improve organisation of contents and will set the icons as well.
What you say about typography and layer organiztion of layers inside PSD?
Thank You