Looking for experienced author for occasional feedback

Good morning,

I am looking for someone to get feedback from on my music tracks for the foreseeable future.
All I am hoping for is someone to listen to each new track (2-4 tracks a month) and provide general comments and any mixing/ arrangement suggestions. Mostly interested in first impression comments.

If I could get feedback from an author that is more successful and established than I am, that would be ideal. I realize many of the elite authors are quite busy and focused, so anyone who has more than 3 sales would probably be a good fit.


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Can I help?

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I’m about the same level as you, and also struggle to find friends who can offer useful articulate feedback, so I’m happy to try.


I see you can tag @ anyone in your forum posts. So just post items in the item-feedback audiojungle forum and tag zigro and me and we’ll come look.

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@RichardJECooke @zigro
Thanks for offering!
I know the forum seems like a convenient way to share and exchange music feedback, but I am inclined to use more private communication such as email.
Opening the conversation up to an entire forum can be okay in some instances, but I am an overthinker and do better with one or two opinions to mull over instead of 5-15 or more.

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