Audiojungle Item Discussion

I am creating this thread so that Audiojungle authors can request feedback on their tracks. This will also prevent self-promotion issues.

I wonder if it would be possible for this thread to be private for authors only
Feedback about this welcome


I approve of this thread.


We need an item discussion thread or area for each marketplace. I’m not sure if having a single thread for all item discussion will work though. Might get quiet chaotic. Possibly what we need is tags for “item discussion audio jungle” etc? That should work. Those tags would serve as the “item discussion area” where you’re allowed to link to items. :blush:

Do you mean that perhaps that we need our old forums back? :slight_smile:


We could just use some of the categories from the old forums, perhaps. :smiley:

Nice ideas Flossie!

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Thanks Flossie. I like the idea about keeping this as an “author only” thread, if that’s possible.

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Sounds cool! But isn’t this thread doing the same?

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Hi Audiotrend,

Sort of but I wanted to replicate the thread where authors would post links prior to uploading their track, if they were unsure the track would be accepted, and also for the occasions where an author has had their track rejected and wants feedback on that.

The thread you posted seems to be based around accepted tracks. :smile:

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Well, that thread is used for receiving feedback on already approved tracks, we need an extremely honest, raw, sugarcoating-free item discussion for improving unfinished tracks.

For example, I’ve been working on this track for fun and for the lolz, didn’t even cross my mind to upload it to AJ because at the moment I’m clueless about how something like this sounds to ears other than mine. So, guys, if you have some time, tell me what you think about the general idea of the track, no need for specifics(e.g. telling me the ending is botched copy-paste of two chords, yeah, I know it :smiley: ).

no-lead version:

This sounds like a great track for Audiojungle to me. I’m not crazy about the synthlead, but you could maybe upload a “no lead” version in addition to the full version?

Thanks for your insight, made me happy. :hand:
Yeah, I got reaaally mixed responses from friends to that lead. (It’s actually a single 0.5s long female vocal sample I had a blast slicing and pitch-shifting) I dig it, anyways, probably more than I should because tracks with no distinctive melodic context make me somewhat uncomfortable. :laughing:
I put the link to the no-lead version in the post above. Abrupt ending yet again…

Oh got it now! Sure, I completely support your idea. This thread would be very useful, especially for new authors. Agree that it would be better to make it private, for authors only :blush:

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Is there a place for this to get some honest constructive advice? I just had my second track rejected so I need to see where I am lacking.

It seems like this is the place.

@ToneCrate I find that that synth lead is just annoying enough so that someone will want to use it in a commercial :slight_smile:

This thread seems doesn’t work, people prefer to create their own - to get more attention or simply missing this one. And add more mess in the overall heap. Surely the best way is separated section like in the past aeon we had, but with current forums structure it’s impossible I’m affraid. I think maybe to pin it up to the top of the “selected by tag” list? And do the same with a few of regular threads which are important to have in hand always. Like queue and sales monitors, mustread tips? Such useful things want to be more organized to navigate, really.

Hi all,
I’m attempting to get some feedback for a hard reject track.
How does this forum work? It is a bit confusing.
Do you start a new thread or reply to someone else’s post.
Jon Sarta
MLJ Music