Feedback on Epic Orchestral track

I uploaded this track a few weeks ago, let me know what you guys think!

Not allow self promotion, my friend!

I’m confused, is this not the feedback thread? How am I supposed to get feedback if I don’t add a link to my track?

I understand that you don’t mean promoting your items, but there is a thread for seeking/giving feedbacks on tracks, post your link in that thread Feedback 4 Feedback

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Is not my rules man (i talk about promotion no feedback).
Think anyone here for every uploaded item, to open a topic and ask a feedback again and again…

Feedback mostly get someone for an item before upload, so ask users for changes, everything want to fix, etc

Ok, so what exactly is the point of this “project feedback” catergory then?

Yeah, it’s a bit of a gray area these days I’d say. There used to be a separate sub-forum called “item discussion,” but Envato seems to have nuked that when it implemented their new forums. That being said, most project feedback tends towards “need feedback on why my item was rejected,” or, “need opinion before submitting item.” The mods in general seem pretty lax these days when it comes to item discussions, even before the new forums hit. IMO, self-promotion is one of those things that’s somewhat open to interpretation.

Ok, I think I understand a bit more. So basically if you want to promote a track, forums is not the place to do it.

Sorry guys I’m still new to forums so I’m still learning. I’ll keep this in mind.