Looking for Envato to fix their authentication server

I purchased a theme, but cannot activate it because Envato’s authentication server is down.

Also the password Reset for Envato accounts is Inoperative.

I could not find any place to submit a help ticket.

Thanks for whatever anyone can do.

Hi there,

According to Envato Status page there were no downtimes on the Envato Market API Availability within last 24 hours.

I think you should contact the author of the theme.

  • Also, make sure the license key is copied correctly without spaces in front or after.
  • If you can’t reset your envato account password my suggestion is to submit a ticket to Envato Help Team


There server is back up. It was down all day yesterday (the server API at Envato could not be reached to authenticate purchase. I retried many times yesterday into the evening. This AM it was back online. It may be a corrupted process that was restarted.