Looking for E-Mail Templates for CleverReach

Hi there, I´m using a popular E-Mail-Newsletter Service in West Europe called CleverReach.
I use it for my clients instead of MailChimp, because they want a european service with higher data protection laws.

Im looking for Templates specially for this service. CleverReach offers to use html templates. There are some template tags who can used, described here:

Is there someone out who could offer templates designed for use with CleverReach?
Or can existing templates adopted to use for CleverReach like Mailchimp?

Thanks for help…

I had see it’s allow you use html in here:

So just purchase any email template you want and insert it with the document above.

I thought some special adaption has to be done, because some templates made compatible with StampReady, MailChimp & Campaign Monitor. So I thought that is also necessary with CleverReach…

Thanks will give it a try…