How to use template in mailchimp

I just purchased an email template for Mailchimp. There is absolutely NO tutorial or any information on the Envato site on how to use templates with Mailchimp. When I upload the zip file to Mailchimp, all I get is code. If the buyer has to know something about changing code, THIS SHOULD BE SPECIFIED!!! If I’m wrong, and there is an easier way, you could do a lot of us a favor by telling how to use the templates we purchase. I feel like I just wasted money buying from Envato.

Are you importing the MC version of the email not the standard HTML?

Once the template is uploaded to MC you should be able to choose editing the code or “Design” which will give you simplified front end views

Are you sure this process is not covered in the documentation with the email?

I agree - this is incredibly frustrating.

What’s the service that Envato Elements sells if not resources to build what is needed in Mailchimp? I’d like a refund.

Envato Elements sells all sorts of things graphics-related, not just for Mailchimp. If a template is advertised on there to support Mailchimp, then that template should support it.

For billing/account inquiries you must visit the Envato Elements support desk:

  1. Make sure that you are using an email which has MC integration

  2. Make sure you are using the correct version of the email for MC (most have multiple versions in the download incl. CM, MC, HTML, StampReady etc)

  3. If the item does not contain documentation on how to import files into MC as a template (there’s no obligation for an author to do his) then follow the instructions here using either the MC files as a Zip (probably easiest) or if you prefer just the HTML itself

  4. Once the template is created then you can save it and switch to “design” mode or “Code” mode as you wish to edit aspects

Without knowing the exact file you are referring to it is hard to advise further.

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I have had the same frustration. NONE of the Envato MailChimp themes I have purchased and/or downloaded have ever worked on MailChimp. All I get is code. This is even after uploading the MailChimp html version. This is terribly frustrating. Worse than the waste of money is the waste of time trying to get Envato MailChimp themes to work. In case Envato was not aware, the whole purpose in purchasing a theme is so that we WON’T have to deal with cumbersome code! I am not a professional designer with a command of html or other coding language. I expected the MailChimp template I purchased to perform as advertised, and it is not. I, too, would like a refund.