HTML Emails - what service do you use to send your emails?


I’m curious to know: what email service providers do fellow Envato customers use to send out their email campaigns they’ve created with email templates from ThemeForest/Elements?

I know the most popular ones are MailChimp and Campaign Monitor, but using them and experiencing their terrible limitations, I wonder what alternatives have you guys turned to, if any?

Thanks so much!

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Hi there.

Many of our clients are using MailChimp. We love (and use) MailChimp too. It makes things easy to track & assess, and I think it provides great value for money.

All of our drag & drop email template builder items are compatible with those two you suggested, Mailchimp, and a long list of other clients. If you just want to scout some ideas, have a look at that link’s creatives and you’ll find a long list of providers.


Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

I am suspecting most people use MailChimp, although from an email developer standpoint, it’s been a nightmare for me. Integrating tags is easy, but the primitive builder/import tools they have are painful to work with.

I thought stuff like not supporting @import for web font (think exporting from StampReady to MailChimp, you need to write the link tag yourself), or inexplicable duplication of @media queries for each statement (resulting in lots of code bloat), might be turning people away to some better services - guess not? :slight_smile:

P.S.: have you guys actually tested with each of all those services and provide template integrations for each? Or, since they only need an HTML file, you can safely state that they’re compatible?

I won’t make any comments on competitor products like the stampready builder, but @import does not, and didn’t ever work well with email. I anticipate that some of the issues you had with mailchimp are possibly related to the products you’ve user before it.


And yes, we’ve actually tested with all. We couldn’t have made such assumptions otherwise.

Funny you say that about @import, because I’ve tested it extensively and works well everywhere web fonts are supported :slight_smile: Take a look at this, too:

Thanks again!

Useful link, thanks.

We’ll actually try another test to see if the@import method works better.

From my experience, both work fine. I’ve only resorted to @import because link isn’t currently supported in StampReady (it gets removed), and I can organize my code a bit better.