Looking for Developers to create my MVP using already Book management system and Social network system.

Hi everyone,

Basically rather then having someone build something from scratch and go way over my budget I just want to create a simple MVP of my idea to show people.

There are two sides of it, one is social but just a user page and maybe follow/follower system and second is a book page like goodreads.

Both of the modules are available here so if somebody here who either owns one and thinks can do it or I can purchase them and then you can do it let me know.

It will be great help. More details will be shared when discussing with the developer.

Paid Job. Decent Budget.


I’d check www.studio.envato.com - vetted freelancers and a degree to protection from envato

Hello ,

If is not a secret what is your budget ? You can send me on PM with details of your job.
Because often people have small budget and they think that is their budget quite enough and they ask for custom made news portal.