Looking for developer friendly WooCommerce theme


I’m looking for a WooCommerce theme that is

  • developer friendly - I care about file structure and code and I don’t need any UI to change styles and layouts
  • lightweight - I don’t need 200 plugins included, I’d rather have small JS and CSS files
  • fast - performance is key, I want the theme to be smart about loading what and when

Generally I’m looking for a good starting point for a child theme. I don’t want to code everything from scratch, so I need something that’s extensible, fast and lightweight. I don’t want things like transitions between page views, fancy animations, smooth scrolling or anything else like that. The simpler, the better.

Ideally the theme should be based on Sage (https://github.com/roots/sage) or a similar modern framework. Again, I want it to be as developer friendly as possible :slight_smile:

Things I’d appreciate are: Webpack, ES6, SASS/Less, hot-reloading framework for development

I’d appreciate any pointers - it’s not very easy to find something like this among the hundred themes available on ThemeForest. Most focus what you can change without touching code, but I didn’t find a single theme targeted towards developers.


Haven’t used this theme myself yet, but it’s advertising fast speeds :smiley:


And here is a collection of fast WooCommerce themes that another user has put together. Again, I can’t speak to the speed, but it may give you a starting point:


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