Fast Wordpress theme for eCommerce


I using The7 theme for couple web sites. That is excellent theme for customization, perfect.
But I not satisfied with speed loading, i think it is to heavy. Maybe I’m wrong about that…

So I need opinion from people who have experience with other themes.

I need to start new website, web shop for t-shirts.
Speed is number one. Clean design, almost empty.
Will be nice if that theme come with Visual Composer, Slider Revolution and similar, compatible with Woocommerce etc.

Please don’t write if you don’t experience themes.

Thank you.

Hi! In case of interest check our KEO theme. It’s rather fast and mimimal, compatible with Woocommerce and composer. It has got a shop page inside.
Have a nice day.

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You should use a theme focus only for Woocommerce.

You can try our theme

Feel free to check my WooCommerce themes

Thank you for suggestions.

This suggestion from @JanStudio for theme who focused on woocommerce is interesting and looks for now best. What about speed? Does combine external CSS and JavaScript also defer parsing of JavaScript? What about render-blocking JavaScript and CSS?

Thank you.


You can use plugin Super Cache and AutoOptimize or to combine and minify js, css.

Have a nice day!

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You should check this list

And our best theme is in that top with 99points performance score & compatible with Woocommerce:

Scott wrote a great blog post about this exact topic with some lightning-fast themes.

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One of the fastest is sure Y Theme
Built exactly for fast speed also on SERVER SIDE. is like a virgin WP installation.
It support wooccommerce

Unfortunately the article suggested by matthewcoxy not show the fastest themes but only the one with better score on GMatrix and similar, not consider server side time and script / css sizes and also the whole load time. Y Theme consider all these keys.

@Tomic just a reminder that while all the themes and more are great and quick - don’t forget that a major consideration should be the hosting and setup you are using.

If it’s a bulky shard host then the theme will only be able to do so much to maintain performance. If speed is your ultimate priority then decent or dedicated hosting should be as much of an importance.


thank you everyone. That is nice list and theme suggestion with good speed. Comment from @JanStudio about theme who focused for Woocommerce make me decide to get two license for Claue theme.

And now I see there is bunch good options. Specially “fast shop”, bundle, shop look and more options who already set. So that suggestion is really proper choice for me I think. And important thing speed, is nice and fast also.

Thank you all.

Hi Tomic,

Thank you for choosing our theme. Hope you like this.
If you need any support please let us know at our support forum at

Have a nice day!

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