Looking for woocommerce theme for building a kit

Hi! I’m looking for an online shopping theme that allows users to select/deselect various items on a list via checkboxes and radio buttons, and then have the set of selected items sent to the shopping cart. This is for building kits that are assembled from a pre-established list. Users would be able to scroll down and see images, product descriptions, info for each item and decide whether or not they want it in their kit by checking the box. There would be a submit button at the bottom that adds the kit with all selected items to the shopping cart. Does anybody know of a theme that does something like this? I can program it but I’d rather not reinvent the wheel. Any help is appreciated!


There is lots of item are available.
take a look on this page and spending sometime to find out your chosen item


You can fo this with any theme with WooCommerce plugin

Cheers and good luck.