Looking for fast and clean Woocommerce theme

I’m using Bazar theme for a webshop, but for a new webshop I want to have a cleaner and faster theme, that also has build in caching options or works good with caching plugins like w3.

Its going to be a webshop for technical products, but I dont mind doing some CSS styling. The cost of the theme is less important. I rather pay more for a good theme.


  • fast (good coding)
  • Clean (good coding and not full with options you dont need)
  • Caching possibilities (external plugins like w3 or build in)
  • Translatable
  • Build for humans and not for designers :wink:

Minimal design?

Well it does not have to be minimal design, as long as it is not bloated with heavy features that makes it slower.

Edit:@Ki-themes> I took a look at your themes and that to minimal for me. I’m looking for a standard (boring some would say) design

Hi @eeuwe: Please try our themes: clean, minimal and fast and more cool features for online store