Looking For: Business Directory based on location site.com/region/city/company

Hi everyone,

It’s my first post here, but I have been a long member of Envato already. I’m looking for a theme/plugin that can help me create the following:

A business directory based on location, so that the url consists of: site.com/region/city/business-name

In the Region I want to display some information and ofcourse all of the cities (and perhaps some regional businesses)
In the city page I want to display the businesses from that city
When they click on a business I want them to go to /region/city/business-name/ which shows the profile of that business with information.

And if possible also contain a filter (for services of this business for example)

I hope I make sense, please help me out here!

It’s more related to “Category Management” Most of them comes with that support, worst case, can be performed via .htaccess or few code modifications. IF you’re interested in “custom” work, let me know

Thank you for your reply. What I’m looking for is a nice theme that has all of this already. Otherwise the costs will be rising like crazy!

You can try with Listify. I have customize several time that template and it is good for this what you need.