Advice on specific directory/listing please?

Hi, I wonder if any customers or authors can help me on which directory theme or listings theme to purchase please?

I’m looking for the following criteria.

  • List categories on homepage
  • Have geo location facility for user to type in a search, with the users location being automatically entered in the location box.
  • When performing a search, a list of all results will have a ‘distance to’ facility to the organisation shown.
  • When clicked, the organisation can have the option of a special offer or voucher which can also be printed out by the user.
  • Organisations and upload and purchase a package to enter their details.

Many thanks!

You may find themes which offer part of this but realistically to achieve exactly that is either going to require integrating other plugins (potentially complicated depending on the theme) or the better option which would mean custom development to build in all the features and functionality you want.

Okay, thanks for replying Charlie. Cheers!