Looking for an events directory wordpress theme

I am looking for a wordpress theme that will allow me to create a directory of things to do for visitors to my city. And that will also allow me to import concerts and performances from ticketing sites like SeatGeek and will allow me to use affiliate links if a purchase is desired. Any suggestions?

Not sure if you could find a theme “out-of-box” solution but that can be solved with a little of work.
Let me know if you’re interested in custom job - we can discuss the details.

I found one called Ziston in Envato Elements.

All I want to do is provide a service to visitors to my city. I currently drive for Uber Black and own an upstart Private Black Car Limo service. People are always asking what kind of things are there to do here. I’d like to refer them to my website.
Ultimately, I want to be able to include affiliate links in the listings, if available, and have a section that has an integration with SeatGeeks to pull all available concerts, etc in my town into the website. SeatGeeks offers an API with an affiliate program. That would be the only customization I would need. I can visually design the site myself.


The help you’d need would be integration the systems.

Is that something you can do?
If so can you give me a cost estimate?
And then some samples of your work.
Do you have references?

And actually I purchased a different Wordpress theme called EventsProWP that will not only let me have a community event directory but it will also allow me create my own event ticketing system that I can offer to event organizers. Very exciting.

Please, drop me an email via the form then we can discuss the details

I dropped you an email via the form as you requested… TWICE over a 4 week time period. I still have not heard from you.

We have discussed the details a month ago already

Didn’t know you were the same person since you go by two different names. We won’t be working together.

When you don’t have the enough budget ( for integration ), it seems so. Good luck!


Has your original question been resolved? Looking for an events directory wordpress theme? Because the topic seems to have drifted a little :wink:

No, I have enough budget. You are just over priced.

The best method to build a custom plugin from scratch with API support for WordPress, that would effect the working hours as well as the total price, there’s nothing I could do, if it sounds pricey for you.

Good luck with finding help within your budget.