Looking for a Wordpress travel tour theme integrating a tour operator directory


I am in the process of building a new website for a tourism association that groups multiple tour operators. We want the ability to list the different tour operators with some featured tours for each one and also a section where we can search for tours per category.

I have found lots of great travel tour themes on ThemeForest that I really like but they’re all missing the company directory functionality. Any ideas if there is a theme I missed that could offer me this option?

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You can try with template who is support multivendor plugin. That will help you.I have made few multivendor sites . you will have option that each company have own “shop” and they can put own content on site. Or if you have some budget to make custom made site by your needs.
That will save time and money in long terms.

Thank you Zaccc for your response. We’ll look into the multi-vendors theme and plugins to see if that can fit our needs.

No problems , If you need my help I can give you my offer.

hi Zacc , can i see list of the tours websites you have with multi vendors plug ins ?


I am looking for theme support multi vendors as I am planning to start website similar to www.getyourguide.com and wondering if you have a theme can help in that


I recently developed a similar site for my client which is almost similar in functionality. So, I think that can be useful as well.

This is custom made site and you need to have good budget to make such site. You will not get out of box solution with template and multivendor plugin.
Today people wants to make new Facebook with budget from 200$

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galaxy theme. can you send me it’s demo or screenshots and a contact to discuss more

Check your persobal PM I sent you a text

I’m looking for something similar. Can we have a talk?