Looking for an audio track similar to the opening of Woody Allen's "Manhattan"

Hey folks,

I’m looking for an audio track similar to the one played in this video.

Can anyone help me out?


Hi @matthewcoxy I found similar )))

hope I helped :slight_smile:

Hi Matthew,
here are some more:

Nice request :sunglasses:

I think you’ll need to venture very deep into the jungle to find a similar track. We’re talking top notch composition, arrangement, a world class jazz group and a full symphony orchestra, not to mention all the recording and mixing involved to get it to sound authentic and relevant to the time period. Unless by “similar”, you mean “basically some jazz with some strings”, you’re really aiming for the stars here. :rocket:

From Wikipedia:

Composed by George Gershwin, it was performed by the New York Philharmonic under Zubin Mehta and the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra under Michael Tilson Thomas. The soundtrack works supremely well with the film and is equally effective without the film. Sony BMG Music Entertainment released the soundtrack in 1979. It was nominated for Best Soundtrack in the 33rd British Academy Film Awards.

That being said, GOOD LUCK :sunglasses:


So basically anything that makes it past the reviewers right?


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