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Really love all of your products including codecanyon, themeforest and audiojungle. I really like audiojungle, but, i find it a bit difficult to find the perfect song for a video, not because its not here, but because there are so many songs listed. Can I suggest that you create a category or possible app (similar to “Shazam”) that a user can play or name a song on the radio and you supply songs that sound similar to that song in audiojungle? For example I am trying to find a song in your list that sounds like “Celebrate” from the band Embrace. The beat and intro sounds like soemthing I would find in AudioJungle but for some reason cant get a audio song that is quite right. Or another song i would really like to find is for example if I was looking for a piano ballad that is similar to “Comptine D’un Autre Ete - L’apres” used in a Apple “Crazy Ones” ad. Just a thought. P.S. In the meantime, If you know of a song that is similar to either of these song please reply. thanks.


Hi Depdesign,

Not exactly sure how long a track you are looking for, or what parts of the songs you mentioned appealed to you for your current projects, but you can give these a shot (I could probably only help in the funk department :slight_smile:

I also have dozens of other authors featured in collection on my den page. You can also give Unseenbattle a visit, John puts together some pretty great piano pieces and may have the one that will work for what you’re doing.

I wish you the best of luck in your search, and hope you find the file you need here on AudioJungle!



Hello depdesign,

Welcome to the jungle!

That “shazam” app idea is a good one, you might want to post about that on the codecanyon forums cause I think that could be a hit if someone could pull it off.

As for finding what you’re looking for in the jungle, I know it can be a bit difficult, but I think you definitely picked the perfect place for your “1st post” on the forums. The “Item Requests” section will get you a bunch of authors finding stuff for you per your suggestions, so just be patient and I’m sure you’ll find that other authors post here suggesting things for you rather quickly.

As for me, I was going to send you a message from your profile page, but that isn’t available. I am definitely interested in coming up with something for ya, just send me a message from my profile page letting me know your time frame and I’ll get back to you ASAP. It wouldn’t be fair to the rest of my fellow authors to make any sort of offer here in the forums as to what I can do. Thanks for understanding.

And THANK YOU OhmLab for the shout out (slightly embarrassed I am). :slight_smile:


unseenbattle said

And THANK YOU OhmLab for the shout out (slightly embarrassed I am). :slight_smile:


No worries, Yoda :wink:


I have a couple of similar songs that you might like, considering that I love Yann Tiersen, and

that he is a big part of my inspiration when it comes to piano solo’s.

I hope it does the trick !

best of Luck !


Hello depdesign,

if you need similar songs to tiersen tracks, im your man :slight_smile:
Just a sample to prove my point :slight_smile:


For piano type of music have look at these:

I actually have nothing similar to embrace in my portfolio, but if you don’t succeed in finding the right track. I also do custom work.

Good luck in finding what you need.



Hello depdesign,
please check out these two :

No vocals but maybe could fit your project.

Have a nice day and good luck in finding.




Hello depdesign, please check out my piano themes collection:

Cheers, Romosel


Hi depdesign, please check here:
and here:

Regards, Sinar


Hi, depdesign. Piano style :slight_smile:

Thanks for attention…


You may find this one close, except for all the strings and the fact that it has goes between major and minor keys:

Which really makes it quite different doesn’t it. Well, if you are looking for pieces that showcase piano, this one may still fit.

Thanks for listening.

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