How to find similar music?

Hey friends,

Can you help me to find similar music?

Here is Link :


Hi @akil_adit, the best way to search for similar tracks is to use descriptive words that would apply to the original track. Here are a quick few I’ve found:

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for the reply. But I don’t much about music and don’t know what to search.anyways thanks for ur suggestion it is quite interesting.


Hi @akil_adit!
I don’t know for what kind of project you need music, but if female adlib voice is what you like from the track you posted, this track has it a lot, but it has a bit different mood :slight_smile:

Thanks for your post,

Actually, I want music for the Facebook ad. Looking for some catchy music or some kind of jingle type music so a viewer can attract on video.

Try something like this if you want to drive attention, this is used a lot for ads:

This song by @KickTracks could also work

Good luck!

Thank you so much for your reply.
But I want more good music to similar my reference.
Please help me out.


Check this out!!!

Hello my friend!
Try to listen this track
This song is without vocals, but it’s done in the same tempo and mood as your example.
I hope it will help you, thank you!

please try this.

which one?

Sorry :wink:



have a nice day!