Looking for a Wordpress theme for multiple brands (umbrella company)

Hi guys!

I’m working for a company which has multiple brands/magazines (8), which we want to show in a header/second menu (shown in all pages, if possible). In our current website (non-wordpress), the headerimage rotates every few seconds, with highlighting the company’s logo in the second menu. I’m sure there are wordpress themes which allows me to do this, but I can’t find it! I’m probably using the wrong search phrases, hopefully you guys can help me out :)!

What I’m looking for (sort of visualized):
(first menu)
[Home] [Brands] [Advertising] [About] [Contact]
[Banner/header: autorotate every 2 seconds (or something)]
(second menu: logo’s/companies/brands/magazines)
[logo Comp1] [logo Comp2] [logo Comp3] [etc]




  • Responsive
  • Probably want to use statistics (reach magazines) + prices in a good looking table, Maybe we can use a plugin for this?
  • It would be great if the second menu + headerimage would be sticky, but gets smaller if you scroll.

Can you guys point me in the right direction (is there an overview with lots of themes like this?). Or should I be using some kind of plugin with a standard theme? Thanks in advance!

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bump, anyone has any ideas? Thanks!

So basically you want two menus separated by a revolving banner and the second menu being sticky?