Looking for a Printshop in Woocommerce or Magento

The functionality I’m looking to implement is something in the lines of this example.

The price is affected by the configurations you choose, and also there is a discount for ordering larger quantities.

I am looking for one too, but more like this: https://mixam.co.uk/leaflets

Yes it is really a nice website.
Is this is custom made or made in woocommerce or another CMS system??

HI Antony, not sure but I would guess that it’s using Avada theme and probably a plugin, although a colleague thought it was custom made, trouble is we want to get a payment system like that. No one seems to know if there is a plugin that does this, so I guess my colleague might be right!

For what it s worth neither of these are Word Press themes, and the product variation and selections look like they have been written especially for these sites (although are not as complicated as they may appear).

Obviously any pre-built solution is going to need a little tweaking and customization but for WordPress something like this added to any commerce theme here http://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-extra-product-options/7908619 would do it or http://fancyproductdesigner.com/ etc.

There are several on codecanyon.

Many thanks Charlie, I will have a look in these

This looks very nice Charlie! Many thanks. If you look at my first link. I have 3 prices category named: Standard - Express - Overnight. So the price depends on witch delivery you want. Is it standard than you pay normal price, is it overnight then you pay 50% more. These prices will show on in table format. But I think this is not available in this plugin, do you have an solution for this?

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This is part of the Woo plugin http://epo.themecomplete.com/product/woo-ninja-3/

why not just set a selection of radio buttons for different delivery options and have these add different values depending on what the user selects?

There may be something for Magento or even something better for WP on codecanyon but this was just the first that came up and looked good