woocommerce multi-variation tool for online print company store


I am looking at setting up a fully-loaded web-shop for my employee’s print company. Many of the products we intend to advertise will have multiple variations (i.e. size, quantity, one-side/two side print, print finishes etc) - all of these variables will have an impact on the total price to be displayed.

Is there a premium plug-in available to purchase that will help to set-up (and maintain) this level of pricing structure?

Or can someone help develop the code for the site? FYUI, we use wordpress, with woocommerce.

A site for reference would be: http://www.saxoprint.co.uk/shop/flyers - this site has multiple product variations that when chosen change the total price dynamically. We don’t need it quite as complex as this, but this type of functionality would be great.

Any help/advice would be most appreciated.