Price table woocommerce for printshop

I made some variatons on woocommerce page, but I have a problem.
I search for a plugin that shows many prices with quantity and delivery option.
For example
100 copies for €30.00 delivery = Standard
100 copies for €35.00 delivery = Express
100 copies for €55.00 delivery = Overnight

See also example

Does somebody know a good plugin for this?

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I am struggling with an online shop issue within woocommerce and just wondered if soemone can let me know if it is possibly at all. I would like to produce a price matrix type grid for various products, quantities and delivery, here is an example from another sites.

If any questions let me know…


Thanks for sharing your plans for the WooCommerce site. Let me put forth both of them in my words to ensure that I understand you correctly:

Delivery options- I kind of understand that print-shops need quantity driven package offers to attract more and more customers. As far as my knowledge goes, you might not find a plugin for this, the reason being that by default WooCommerce shows delivery option only on cart and checkout page. Good news is that, this can be custom developed. Ideally this would be flat rate shipping solution where in customers would be shown with various delivery option driven by quantity. The selections made on product page would be carried over to the cart and thereby to the checkout process.

I would love to discuss this idea over a one-to-one discussion. If you happen to share similar thoughts drop me a mail at


take a look at our product table solution - it should work as you expect.
if you lack any feature - let me know, we are open to extend the functionality.