Logo Test


I’d like to have some help on testing a logo.

Currently, I use…



…to check the uniqueness and other standards of a logomark I create.

I insist designers; suggest me if any other tools are available to do so.

Thank you!

What you want it’s impossible. These websites are junk. It’s always the probability to reinvent the wheel. If you want to be sure that you work is unique there is only one way. Focus group

LOOOOOOOL these logos that u showed are working because they have a really huge enginery behind … this is through a lot of advertising that some rather common logos have become popular , but let’s also face it, people who will buy from u they will not have the same financial means and there is no way the result will be the same for them in terms of efficiency … if any super efficient recipe was existing to have a great and unique logo, then all the people would apply it already … lol the best thing is working hard and being focused and if u are lucky enough , also, maybe one day u can have a very well working logo …

Thank you, DS, for your answer!

Focus group??? Can you please elaborate? That helps me.

No, n2n44, I didn’t show any logos there! They’re done by the site itself.

And, maybe, you’ve understood my question a bit wrong. I DON’T WANT any tool/recipe that helps me TO CREATE a unique logo. I work hard and follow my own procedure of research, mind map, sketches, etc. to create a logo.

Now, after creating a logo, I always check with Google Images, Bing, Yandex etc. to see if the logo I JUST CREATED already exists with some similarities or not.

That’s why I’m curious to know more sources/tools [like above] that help to check/test/rank THE LOGO I CREATED.

Hope; I explained better this time.

u did not read my message properly, this is not at all what I wrote , anyways, these websites what are they all about in the end apart from reminding of basic design principles? so I do not know what is the use for this because u should not start creating a logo if u do not know this in the first place anyways …

No, no, n2n44, my focus is on the UNIQUENESS only. That’s what I’m interested in mainly.

Let me ask the question in a different way, please…

What tools/sites do the designers use to check the uniqueness of the logo they create by themselves?

My question is to all the designers.

There’s no website or way of checking (accurately) against any other design.

The fact that any designer feels the need to sense check the originality of their work would raise concerns.

This would be a colossal waste of time which would be better spent refining fundamental design understanding, skills, and experience which in turn will make it easier to ensure anything new is both original and of a higher standard.

Thank you very much, charlie4282!

your focus being on uniqueness u send to a platform lol this is strange , not to mention tat this is rather proving that u are confused in my view … lots of these things showed there turn out to be custom logos and I think that this is not superfluous to remind u that u are supposed to create templates for a marketplace , which has nothing to do with custom logos … for me checking other people’s works in order to attempt to determine the “uniqueness” of your logos is little bit topsy turvy … not to mention that this is somehow someway day dreaming indeed, as , let’s be honest , how many logos do these websites have in their data base? there have been billions of logos created I assume that they will have only a very tiny chunk of the whole bulk of created logos , so how is this proving anything?

Okay, if this is the wrong platform to ask this question; I apologize. Thank you all for your time!

no this is not the issue, u can ask whatever u want this is ok, of course, the thing is that such tool that mention simply does not exist as no one could really do just that … besides, let me remind u that google image has a special tool for u to search lookalike pictures, in other words, u may submit something that u create there and see if something super close does exist … no need to find tool from nowhere to be able to do just this lol :slight_smile:

Thank you, n2n44! I already use Google Images, and, yes, that helps.

My intention of opening this thread was to share what I use, also, I was curious to know what others do. My intention was not to promote/advertise/suggest/insist on the above tools I mentioned.

By the way, I mostly create simplistic, flat and minimal logos. And, this kind of design should be double-checked before presenting to the clients or uploading to Graphic River --that, has someone already thought/created [similar] concept?

So, I always spend some time on the internet searching by image file, keywords etc., just to make myself sure that my logomark is unique.

Anyways, thanks once again.

yes this is ok but I assume that what u asked for is something that very little people actually use … as for I know when u start creating a logo, u do out of having you own idea and try to materialize it, u do not try to check if this is already done , as if u do without copying somehow some way , this should be something different that should be given birth to …

minimalistic is a choice, I disagree with it in the first place , personally for a variety of reasons that I do not feel like enumerating at this time. If u want to, this is your choice but I think that this is making things way more difficult for u again to try to do just this as this is harder to bring something new in any way in such a difficult and saturated market indeed

anyway u are welcome , hope all this will be of some help for u …

Can anyone explain about this post…? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :innocent: