Logo rejected and I'm confused

Just decided to rejoin Envato and start uploading the logos I created a few month ago but never had the chance to submit.
I was absent on Graphicriver for a few years, didi the standards change so much ? I mean, not to be the bad guy, but I see logos accepted that are very simple adn use overused concepts here and there, but they get accepted.
What do you guys think of my logo? It deserves a hard reject ?

Hello and welcome… again!

First of all, yes the standards are different and i think this is fair. Too many authors, don’t you think?
Now, I don’t know how to say but this is not a logo my friend.

Are you sure about this “… but I see logos accepted that are very simple…” ?
Have you check this category well: https://graphicriver.net/category/logo-templates ?

This “logo” it’s 100% hard reject, my opinion.
To design a logo need a lot practice, learn more about logo design and try with a new one, so good luck! ; -)