Logic Pro X ... stock string samples?


I’m using the strings that come with Logic…

Has anybody had good selling tracks using the stock string articulations with their sequencer choice…

or do most here look at some of the better libraries available?

Hi mechanism-music,

i am not using Logic, however since you have got no replies i will share my opinion with you:

first of all, listening to this video i would say that your Logic built in strings could be of use, perhaps they can’t compete with the latest tools available on the market today and you will have to spend some time programming them, finding the proper stereo settings and the right reverb/damping.

If you wish to use them within a big template, along with other samples or real instruments, i think they could do. Nevertheless, if you are planning to release orchestral music or anyway to rely on the string section when composing/arranging, well in that case you might wish to look at some more advanced libraries (VSL, Spitfire, Berlin, EW, Cine etc… )

If i were you i would also check the VI Control community, it contains information and real users feedback on the main recent libraries on the market. It is important to find a bundle that is suited for your needs, there is plenty of choice and you might find that the right strings for your projets could cost you around 300$.

Among others, i love the chamber strings included in the Vienna Special Edition, they can be purchased separately and cost just 105€ (VSL SE Chamber), they need a good reverb and they are intimate (not big, not cinematic) and sometimes they provide exactly the sound i have in mind. Not trying to sell you to any specific product, it’s really about finding the right one for your music productions.

Hopefully other AJ authors will join the conversation and share their feedback, which may help you to have a better picture.

Hope it helps.


Hi there, recently I’ve found an interesting video about comparison of vst cellos, may be that would be interesting for you and can also help you in some way:


Hey mm!

If you had Logic 9 you can find the older Logic string set in the legacy portion of the library (which were actually superior). But they really just aren’t up to par. Maybe you can get away with it (and I stress maybe here) if the strings are really far in the background, but if you want the strings heard at all they really just aren’t going to cut it.

But there’s good news! There are a bunch of good string libraries out there for not too much money. You can check out this, which gives you the amazing EastWest strings as well as a ton of other awesome sounds for $30 a month.

There’s also this, which is a pretty popular string VST for about $240.

Then there’s this, probably the cheapest option for $99, if you already have Kontakt. It’s not the greatest string VST but it will get the job done, and is a huge step up from the Logic ones.

Low-end string samples are near impossible to make sound good, and they will never sound great. If you are serious about using strings it’s definitely worth investing in a better library.

Best of luck in the future! Cheers!

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Thanks for the video… really helpful, he has certainly improved the sound by layering.
I’ll also check those strings libraries too.

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Yes, those libraries sound fantastic… ohhh, I’ll have to start saving now…
I wondered how those big orchestrated sounds were made, not just skill but starting with great samples!

You are welcome, i am glad you found it useful! :smiley:

Keep up the good work.