Recommandation for sounds

Hi everybody, I’m new here. Are stock logic sounds suitable for audiojungle music. If not, which software or sample libraries would you recommend ? Regarding corporate, indie, edm.

If you use common sense and ingenuity, you can make music even on the standard sounds of any DAW. On the other hand, using quality libraries and samples, you will spend less time getting the right sound. I believe that the best way is to experiment with libraries and samples to find your own individual sound. Don’t get carried away with collecting libraries - this is a trap, getting into which you will have terabytes of libraries - 80% of them you won’t use). Having Native Complete (for example), or some part of it, you can quite comfortably create music in different genres. it is better to have 10 libraries, but know their capabilities 100% than have 100 libraries and know their capabilities by 10%. But this is only my opinion


Yes, this is some good advice. This is what I was looking for.
So native is a good reference ? I agree, even the stock logic sounds are already too much for me sometimes.
A friend sound engineer told me, good recording makes mixing easier. I guess this also goes for good sounds.

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Your friend is definitely right!) Initially, a good sample / record has fewer problems with sound, which means less mixing action.