ProTools and/or Logic Users...

I’ve used PT for years. I’m finding out many Hollywood composers use Logic, mainly because of its notation transcribing ability. However, I haven’t had to provide a lot of notation to actual string players (maybe if I was more successful and could afford to do that). Do you recommend Logic for someone like me who is mainly concerned with all sides of production.

-Does Logic ease a lot of PT frustrations (bogged down by a lot midi instruments, runs hard, new pricing structure annoyances)?

-Does Logic have the ability to mix and master to the same excellence as ProTools?

Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

I use both apps frequently. Each for different purposes. I am a creature of habit, so I haven’t experimented much lately, but here’s my take, for what it’s worth.

I do a fair amount of video editing and audio mixing for video projects. I find the editing and track management capabilities of ProTools to be really well-suited for the work. I’m very comfortable with the interface and can work quickly.

I have used Logic for years when composing and mixing music, and love it for that. However, it is rare when I use it for audio editing for video projects. I don’t think it is as user-friendly for that purpose as ProTools is.

When it comes to arranging, mixing and mastering, I think Logic is excellent. Especially with regard to automation. The ability to automate just about any parameter of any plugin or track - and the user-friendly, straightforward way you’re able to do so, is probably my favorite thing about Logic. The only issue I ever have has nothing to do with Logic itself, and more to do with my particular system. In terms of CPU power and RAM, I could stand to upgrade. I often need to be creative when I’m working with sessions that have lots of tracks, and will need to bounce midi tracks of resource-hungry VST’s to audio tracks in order to free up resources. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because it forces me to commit to things and not take an eternity to finish something because there are too many available choices.

Very helpful! Thank you.

So, you’ve had good experience mixing and mastering within Logic? The only issue seems to be with audio editing. That’s difficult to do? That’s also something I heard from someone else.

In regards to bouncing in order to free up resources… I have to do that with ProTools and part of the draw for me to Logic was to maybe not have to do that as much. Sounds like you’re experiencing this same issue with Logic. Interesting. Are you on a mac or PC?

Thanks again for you help! I may continue to pick your brain in the future. :slight_smile:

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Hi @TheStoryShop,

I am pretty sure at one time or another in the past 10 years (as long as I’ve been an AudioJungle buyer) that I have purchased a track or two from you. It’s been a while, but I recall your username & avatar. I like your branding. It is memorable.

I was always surprised when I first used Logic that the simple act of making a cut wasn’t as straightforward as ProTools. I have used ProTools for a long time. The Mac I bought for my first PT system came with a giant monitor that was three times as deep as it was wide. Back then, an 8g external hard drive was a big deal, and was expensive, if you can believe that.

I work on a Mac now, too, and it’s a few years old so I wouldn’t worry too much about the resource problem I mentioned. That part of my post probably isn’t applicable to most people with relatively new computers.

My experience is that I’m very happy using both apps, but use them for different purposes.

Anytime you have questions, I’m happy to help. Good luck!

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Sorry for the late reply. I’m super grateful for your help and your invitation for questions in the future. If I have them, I’ll take you up on that!

Sometimes wish technology didn’t change as fast as it does. But it needs to.

Also, I appreciate your encouragement about the branding.

Hope all is well. Take care.

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