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Can someone please tell me where I can find the ‘purchase code’ from the striking multiflex theme I just purchased? I’m trying to apply for membership on Kaptinlin Themes Support, and they require a purchase code. I tried all the codes from my Invoice and I looked through the licensing.txt file, but I don’t see anything in there.


Hi @voltagedrop,

Welcome to the forums! Please take a look at the following guide :slight_smile:


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Thanks Luca,

I found it. I have another question. I’ve inherited a site to update, that has Striking installed. I don’t have the Purchase code or any way of getting it. I just purchased striking multiflex; and I want to upgrade the striking base theme to the most recent version, before I add in multiflex. Is there a way for me to download the most recent version of Striking without the original purchase code?



Hi Danielle,

I may be wrong, but it looks like @kaptinlin, the author of Striking theme has only one item in their ThemeForest portfolio, which means you should be able to update purchased theme with no issues whatsoever. It would be wise though to contact the author himself for clarification on this:


Hello Danielle

This is James from the support team for Striking MultiFlex. Please email us direct at the following email address:


and we will assist you. Alternatively you can post a thread at our support forum requesting assistance. If you email us and you have a skype id please provide it and we will contact you. Also include your url and your location so we can have the appropriate team member in the closest timezone to yours reach out to you.

You obviously noticed our push message in your website dashboard from our maintenance release this weekend for the old Striking Portfolio theme (deprecated since Feb 2014) advising the stragglers still using it that they needed to get their act in gear and upgrade! LOL.

The purchase code you obtained when you purchased Striking MultiFlex will work in the update field of the Striking Portfolio theme currently installed in your website.

But you are so far behind in builds that you cannot use the internal updater - your build actually predates the operation of our current API - which only go back as far as In any case even if we had older builds you would be trying to upgrade over a span of almost 100 theme updates which is not feasible.

If you have appropriate web skills we will supply you with the various incremental builds you will need in order to get to the current Striking Portfolio release, and then you can switch to Striking MultiFlex.

BTW, Striking and Striking MultiFlex are 2 different themes - one is not the base of the other. What we did is build a new theme at the time responsive design was becoming popular, and code it so that it would read your Striking shortcodes and layout and render them in MultiFlex using its shortcodes and layout options.

Best Regards
The ThemeBuilders
Striking Support Team

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