Need to find my License Certificate for Kaptinlin STRIKING Theme

I porchased the STRIKING theme in 2012. Now I need to do a version update in Wordpress and it asks me for my license key, which I can’t find.

STRIKING is also no longer listed in the products I have purchased from Envato. Nor is it listed as an available theme.

Even items that are removed are visible in the downloads page (allbeit greyed out) and you can still get the p/code for these even when they have been removed.

If it’s a very old theme I would strongly suggest backing up where you are at before you make any upgrades

My downloads page shows my three most recent theme downloads, but there is no grayed out item for the one I’m looking for.
The theme creator Kaptinlin, is still providing updates to Striking, It’s just that WordPress won’t let me do an update without the original purchase key.


you can check this article:

If you can’t find please open Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you.


Thanks, problem solved.

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