Load more property errors on Myhome theme



I am in Vietnam, I’ve created a real estate wordpress website using Myhome theme. I have a problem is that when I click on load more Button to see more properties, but it’s just loading and loading or when I change to other properties sort type, but it’s just loading and loading.
Help me please!


Hello @vothanhan777

For questions/issues specific to a theme, please click the button “Go to item support” at the bottom of this page: https://themeforest.net/item/myhome-real-estate-wordpress-theme/19508653/support

Thank you!


Sr @hevada,
Do you have any ideas on this issue? I am getting stuck with that.


The best person to ask is the theme author himself, using the link I mentioned :slight_smile:
He knows the theme and can provider faster and more accurate support than me.


How can I contact them for support, @hevada?


As explained here:


, it is a bug, this text should not be available at all :confused: We fixed it very fast in update few hours afters release 1.0.7. but unfortunately, we sold 4-5 MyHome with this bug.
hope this helps you !:grinning:
regards -kungfukenny

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