New Update - Realty Themeforest

Good Morning!
Someone could tell me when it will be available a new update Realty ?
It is that Google is complaining pagespeed CSS codes and stuff.
But as I do not understand programming , I hope the next version of realty , these problems are solved , including with respect to mobilies .

Hey @pereque, you’d need to contact the theme author to find out if they’re planning on releasing an update :slight_smile:

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It is true , I think I asked the question in the wrong place .
Thank you @RocketshipThemes

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Hi @pereque, did you get fast answer from REALTY developers?

I’m considering to buy it, but fast support is most important to me.

In fact I thought envato/themeforest system should have some liability on offering stuff that has great support. I bought one in the past and it was great, but based on the apparent absence of intention to enforce, I think we are by ourselves her after buying from them, am I wrong?



Hi @jcanistrum
I am satisfied with the Realty support.
After purchase, you have one year of free support and even after that, they respond quickly.

thank you.