Real Homes update

Hi, I have a problem with the real houses issue. Yesterday I updated to the last version (2.0.1) and since then I can not add a new property, it is blocked, I get a message that the page does not respond. I give it to reload but the problem persists. I think it may be a problem with the blocks of the new wordpress 5.0.1. Is compatible the last version of Real Home theme with wordpress 5.0.1

Can you please help me solve this problem?

Thank you

can you post here your theme link ?
Then we can help you more good.


Here just post same name about your theme

It’s this one:

@pmorales72, support for your theme is here:


I do not understand, this is not a user forum where we can help each other. I’m not going to pay for support when I do not think it’s necessary

Hey @pmorales72 is that your theme @baileyherbert posted ?

Then that theme didn’t update at WordPress Version 5.0 yet it’s still 4.9.x
you have to wait for their update at WordPress v5.0 or if you need urgent help you can contact with that author view @baileyherbert posted support link.

you do not need to pay for support.
you will received 6 month standard support when you purchased any item if that item supported…

OK thanks

Actually, the author says it is already compatible with WordPress 5.0, so make sure you’re up-to-date.

Yes, Its latest version ( 3.7.1 ) is tested and improved for WordPress 5.0. (source)


Han actualizado a 5.0.x pero me sigue sin funcionar correctamente. No puedo insertar una nueva propiedad, solo me deja modificar una existente. Esto con la version anterior de wordpress no me pasaba

Hoy he actualizado a la version de Real homes (3.8.1), pero sigo sin poder añadir una propiedad nueva ¿alguien me puede ayudar?