Lisfinity License activation problem

I’ve bought the Lisfinity theme + plugin a month ago. I’ve got the download file and the activation key (license key). I enter the key, it works, but after several transitions the license error occurs. I repeat the same steps: license key entering - several transitions - license error, again and again. I wrote to the @pebas, he fixed it, but it comes new update. I’ve updated lisfinity and wow, the same error returns, unbelievable.
So, I wrote to @pebas asking to solve the issue. And what @pebas said to me? Only I alone have such a problem, no one else, but… here is almost the same problem lisfinity Problem - YouTube.

Then he tolds me, that fixed the problem in my site multiple times, but he did actually only once.
I asked him one more time, how to fix it, he came up with a new excuse that the hosting provider is allegedly to blame for the problem. I knew that it’s wrong, but anyway I wrote to my hosting provider, they checked the site, and they didn’t find any problems from their side.

I had no choice but to give 1 star for the product review.

And finally @pebas reacted, but now he’s blackmailing me, here is the quote:

> You will not receive any help, or support and will not be able to use the theme anymore unless you remove your completely false rating.
*> *
> I did this multiple times and explained everything multiple times and you go ahead and without shame leave a completely false review.
*> *
> The moment you remove it you will receive support, until then we have nothing to talk about

I have all the communication screenshots.

can someone explain to me what the problem is to fix this bug once or, to hell with it, write me instructions on how to solve it once, so that I can solve it myself? he has been stringing me for 5 days

Not sure how the discussion went through but you may need to get it solved with the author. If it doesn’t work, you could request a refund ( You may not get one )