Limited access to purchase history of user.

If I can decline or accept the user refund request then why I am not able to see the customer purchase history.

There are many cases in which user accidentally purchase a plugin twice, but as a team member I do not have access to see the purchase history of any user. Then why there is option for so.

Let me give you a small intro about me, this is Deepak, and I am from the author team of Ultimate Addons from BrainstormForce.

This is my profile:

So my concern is that, I am not able to see the user purchase history.

Here is the screenshot that will let you know better what I mean to say:

Let me know how these feature are enabled or accessed for team member if not then why the Envato has enabled the option link to the author team.

i can’t answer but i have a solution.
ask buyer for two purchase codes and verify them.

Indeed I did that but if Envato provide a option( hyperlink ) to see the history, then why I can’t see the history. Or else they shouldn’t provide that option.

I also don’t know what are Author Team privileges given by Envato, nowhere discussed, that what a team member is allowed to see and what not.