Hi I was confused on the terminologies used in the licensing, can someone shed some light for me? I am about to subscribe for envato elements for the purpose of fonts and vectors to be used in making shirt designs for my client(s) mostly in a typographic design manner. Do you have any TLDR or straightforward explanation with regards to licensing?

Design example where the assets will be used

Hi @davezcradle,

Clear guidelines on what’s not allowed

Some common-sense limitations do apply, as set out below:

  • You can’t re-sell, or re-distribute items;
  • You can’t use items in on-demand services; and
  • You generally can’t use items as the basis for merchandising. For example, printing a logo from Envato Elements straight onto a T-shirt is not allowed. See clause 13 below for the relevant terms and conditions.


I’m also looking for confirmation about this section. Does this mean after cancellation I can continue to use, and edit, the files I already downloaded?

Future proof licensing, even if you unsubscribe
If you unsubscribe, you can no longer use items from Envato Elements. However, any existing uses that you registered are still covered. Now that’s peace of mind!

Projects using elements downloads need to be completed while you are subscribed but you can keep using that completed project after you end the subscription. You cannot continue using the downloads in new projects

For example. You download a WP theme for a website. The website needs to be finished while you are subscribed, but you can keep using the finished website once your subscription ends.

What you cannot do is stockpile. Or download a pile of images, video, music etc and store or to be used in new projects in the future after you unsubscribe