Licensing still unclear after reading


I need to make 5 - 10 product videos for my small business that are going to be published on my YouTube channel.
So I was about to purchase a Premiere Pro “motion graphics template file” to create text and titles in those videos. Then I saw the single use statement and read the licensing FAQ and the forums here.

I still did not find a clear and legally safe statement if a small series of product videos (similar but still different products) for the same end user (my own company) are considered as a single end product or not. If they are considered multiple products this will increase the price up to 10x and makes the template completely useless for me. So I hope that I can get some clarification.

I also don’t understand why a topic like “Single YouTube channel” is not even mentioned in such a licensing agreement. I am sure that most of the people use these templates for exactly this purpose.
I really hope for some legally binding clarification.

Many thanks in advance,

Have you tried to contact support?

Not yet, I think they are probably going to point me to the license FAQ.
However, in the meantime I saw one of the leading video template authors state on their homepage that you can use a standard license for multiple videos as long as they are on one channel. I just don’t understand why Envato’s legal department cannot clarify this in the FAQ so buyers have peace of mind.
Thinking logically, it does not make any sense that I can create thousand product pages on my website using a single license for a Wordpress template but should not be able to put two titles in two videos on my channel…

You can not use single license for multiple videos on one channel. Single -end product means that you need one license for each video - as far as I know

With your logic, you can use the same item multiple times in one single video as your WordPress example but when you have two videos ( two WordPress sites ) you will need two license.

You cannot compare a 2 minutes product clip to a complete website. A short product clip is rather comparable to a product page, it represents one of your products, just in a different way. You don’t license a font per page, you license it for a website. So why should we license an animated title or text style differently? Of course this depends on what you are presenting. I would consider presenting a couple of your own products like a “series”. If you are promoting or creating different products for different customers this is another story.
If one has to really pay e.g. $65 x 10 to just make 10 short product clips where only the title text is actually changed, then this licensing model is one of the most expensive on earth. Even Adobe has not come up with such a licensing model. Also compare this to Shutterstock standard video license:
“Web Use – Video clips can be used on social media websites, in mobile apps and on sites such as YouTube or Vimeo. It can even be used in content that will be digitally downloaded. The audience size limit for this type of web use is up to 500,000.”
And there we are talking about a complete video, not just some text inside you own video.