Question regarding licensing for multiple products

I am confused regarding the “a single end product which end users are not charged for.”
I want to buy this

I have 20 different teddybear products and I want to use this template for all my teddybear products on YouTube. Do I have to buy this template 20 times for 20 Youtube teddybear videos or just 1 time and use it on all of my 20 teddybear youtube products?


Here you will find about VideoHive license details

according to license term for each unique end product you will need individual license. as you mentioned 20 different teddybear products, I think you will need 20 different license mean unique license for unique end product.

Best thing will be get in touch with envato Help Support and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be able to give you the right answer.


End Product it’s your YouTube channel. You can use the project in every videos on your channel (52 times per year). Year begins with the publication of the first video. If you want to use it for 2 YouTube channel, you should buy the project one more time. I don’t know what you mean writing “20 different teddybear product”. If it’s 20 different YouTube channels, than yes, you should buy the project 20 times. But if it’s some 20 teddybear on a single YouTube channel, so 1 standart license is enought.

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