Does a Youtube channel qualify as a "single project"

Does a Youtube channel qualify as a “single project”? Or is relicensing required for each and every video produced for that channel?

If you are uploading the same video you only need one license (one end product).
If you are going to upload different videos, yes, you need a license for each video.

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Hello @lyseoy

Depending on the situation. Normally it doesn’t qualify as a single end product. The video is the end product so you will need a separate license for each video. However, this depends on the element inside the video. For example:

  • you need an AE template and you want to customise it for more videos. You can not use one single licence, you need one for each video.

  • you want to create a video logo opener. You can use one single license since the logo opener here is considered the end product.

  • other elements. There is a term in the license that emphasize the use of an item in a series. If you create multiple videos in a series then you need one single license for that element (up to 52 different videos per year)

Please note that this is only available for the main markets (such as VideoHive, AudioJungle, GraphicRiver, etc.). If you have an Envato Elements subscription you need to register a license for each time you use the item in a video (the series do not apply).