Does every YouTube video need to be its own Project?


I purchased an Envato Elements subscription and I want to start making videos. These videos will share some of the same assets. Thus, I was wondering if I needed to add a license for these items every time I made a new video that uses it (I plan to upload probably a few times a week). Or can the project name be my YouTube Channel, or a video series in the channel?

Also, can I change the project name once I add it? I ask this because if I need the license for every video, what if I change the title at a later time?

Thank you, kindly.

Hello @briantfabela

You need to register a separate license for each end product. In your case the end product means one video, not the YouTube channel.

For example:

You get an AE video template for your video → you edit it → you upload it on your YouTube channel. That is your end product. If you want to use the same video template and edit it again you need to register another license.

Take a look on this article. It explains in detail the License Terms for Envato Elements: