License which one for online course


I am having a little bit of trouble finding out who to speak to in order to get the proper license for what I wish to by. Basically I am building an online course and a school… and I wish to buy music and video motion for my introduction 10 second thing on each course and some video for some course theme. so basically one music and video will be used in 100 videos but same setting because it will be intro… and other only one video These video will not be public but I am hoping many will see because it will mean that I sold many courses bundles
Thank you for telling who I need to speak to or if you know my answer, thank you!

If all videos from the course can be considered as one end product, amount of episodes is more than 52 and audience size will be less than 10 000, then I’d suggest two standard licenses.

Thank you! Yes as of now I will only have a few people. :slight_smile: Hopefully I have to buy a bigger license soon! Thank you for your time!

Other question. I am looking into about 15 products so about 250 $. Is it more worth for me to get a year subscription that way I can think longer about my decision and possibly get more as I go? But what happens with my courses after a year? I can sell them anymore?

After one year you should buy another license (for more than 52 episodes this would be two licenses actually). Audiojungle and Envato Elements are two separate market places, so an item availible on AJ could be availible on Elements via subscription, or could be not, and vice versa. This applies to Videohive and other Envato markets.

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If the intro is always exactly the same (ie, you rendered it once and put it in front of all your videos without making any changes to it), then the intro would be considered to be the end product. In which case, you wouldn’t have to invoke the “series” policy, as you’d need only license, as there is only one end product, your intro.

If you do go with the series policy, you would still be able to sell your courses, as long as those “episodes” were first published within that one year.

Which license should one get if “audience size” is more than 10 000? Do you think those online courses would be considered mechanical reproductions?

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I think it would be Mass Reproduction:

Use in one end product, free or commercial. Most web uses. Up to 1 million broadcast audience. Plus unlimited copies of a downloaded or physical end product .

If this video course will be downloadable in theory it can get more than 10k downloads. Or am I wrong?

Yes, you are correct. if the videos are downloadable, they would be considered mechanical reproductions, and thus would require the Mass Reproduction should they be downloaded more than 10 000 times.

However, if the online course takes place online, the standard license would cover any number of “students”.

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Thank you. Yah I am starting to make my way through this. I think I’ll but the license as is it will be better :slight_smile:

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Thank you for asking all these great questions for me! I am still trying to understand this entire thing. I do not want the course to be downloadable so if I reach 10 000 soon, I will take you out to drink wine !! :slight_smile: That would be great! Maybe next year! I am working super hard on this for so many year… that’s why I am so poor right now lol hours of no salary obviously! So thank you! I will buy up front single use license and upgrade when it gets out of control for number of students! if I decide to do marketing with some, I’ll buy another license!

Thank you very very much!