License in my courses

I would like to know if I can use any music for my online courses as background music? I´m not clear about that.

Hello, you can check the licenses here;

Thank you, sorry I forgot to tell I’m referring to Envato elements.
I have read that information, but I´m still not sure if we can use it for course purposes.

I have read in another forum´s topic that evento basic license permits the use of the music until 52 lessons, but I just want to be sure.

I can´t find any number or email to contact directly with Envato.
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Ok, Elements just cover the Standard license.

A copy-paste about that;

" To be considered a series, all things in the series (eg episode, edition) must be connected, and be released within 1 year of the first installment. There is also a maximum of 52 episodes or editions within the series.

Example: A 12 episode TV series that starts in December and ends in July would only require a single license. A YouTube series that releases an episode every week (52 total) would only need to purchase a license once every year. A magazine that releases an edition every other month would need to purchase a license once every year."

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So, I understand that if I have an online course, I need to renew it once a year (if the course is still online)?
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Since Elements permits “unlimited” uses, there is no need to invoke the series policy (I don’t even know if that is a thing on Elements). Properly registering all your uses of the music ensure the authors gets paid for those uses. Registering the use once a year means the author will not get paid properly.

Perfect!! Many thanks