Can we use Audio Jungle music on podcasts?

Hi there, are we able to use music from Audio Jungle on podcasts via internet??? Obviously we can on You Tube videos and on websites but what about podcasts? I read where we can’t on “broadcasts” via TV or radio but a podcast isn’t a radio broadcast. Someone please let me know. Thank you in advance!! :yum:

Yes, you absolutely can! Plus, if your podcasts can be considered a “series”, you can use the same piece of music in up to 52 episodes over the course of one year’s time.

Hey thank you for the quick reply. What would one do if they were going to exceed 52 episodes? (and I probably won’t) And what do I do after a year? Do I just buy another license for the song? How does that work please?

So if I did 32 episodes in a year’s time then after the 2 episode I just need to buy another license?? Is that it? This is so COOL :sunglasses:

Yep, that’s it.

AWESOME!! Thank you!! Are you able to explain how video clips works??? I bought a subscription last fall and got some video clips but I honestly don’t know if I truly understand how the licensing works for them with Envato.

Helo there,

The series policy is only available on the marketplaces (Audiojungle, Videohive,…).

On Elements (the subscription service) there is no such thing, you would have to register each use.

PurpleFog is absolutely correct. The subscription service, Envato Elements, works differently than AudioJungle and VideoHive.

The license for Envato Elements is explained here: Introduction to the License – Envato Elements Help Center

Best of luck with your projects! :muscle: :beers:

Thank you!!! I appreciate you! I will read more into it and figure it all out :blush:

Thank you for the link. I may have read the info last fall but never really felt I completely understood it. I will read through it again :facepunch: :muscle: :yum: