Looking for sounds I can use in unlimited numbers of podcasts

Hiya, friends. Based on what I’m seeing: if I have 30 episodes of a podcast and I’m looking for some cool bumper music to help open each show, I need to purchase 30 licenses for the same tune.

This is very different than what other sites offer. Just curious if I’m missing something? Maybe I’m getting confused with the “Use in one end product” phrasing? To me, that sounds like ONE episode of a podcast, not every episode of ONE podcast.

If you’re referring to Audio Jungle, there’s a license option on the top right side.You can choose whichever suits you better


I am referring to Audio Jungle yes. But what you’ve offered is not correct. Please read what’s UNDER the pop-up menu. Only applies to one end product and does NOT specify that I can use on a podcast series as intro music to every episode.

If you plan on creating something like an intro, then the intro will be considered the end product, and the AudioJungle licenses allow you to re-use that intro for up to 52 episodes in a single, connected series and within 1 year. See: https://audiojungle.net/licenses/faq#separate-license-a

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Thank you, @baileyherbert! Exactly what I was seeking.

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