License Question for Moodle Themes


Just a quick question: If I am running a site based on Moodle, and I purchase a theme that will be visible to any user who accesses the site (which will be the theme for the entire site) but they need to pay to see the internal content of the site, would this fall under the category of regular or extended license? I believe it would be regular because the user does not need to pay to see the theme (it will be the default theme for the whole site and that will be the first thing they see once they access the site) but they only need to pay to see the internal content of the site. Could someone please verify whether this is correct or not?

Thank You!


Really you should check with support

That said as I understand it then it depends on the extent of your site - if that premium/paid for access and functionality exists, then you need to cover the necessary licensing for that eventuality i.e. extended