Confused between Regular or Extended Licence for my web plateform


I’m releasing a web platform B2B Providers-Costumers using jobhunt theme, Providers Have to pay me in order to get requested from customers, so do I need an extended licence?

note: all product items (HTML / CSS / JS) of the theme are accessible for free, Providers have to pay for getting selected in the business they chose

I hope to get an exact answer.

Best regards


I think regular license will be fine for you. But for license questions, it’s best to open Help ticket at Envato Help and Support. They are the license experts and will be happy to help.


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Yeah you’re fine with a regular license in this case.

Basically, if someone can view the theme on your website without paying any money, you can use a regular license. It has nothing to do with whether you’re selling a service, and all to do with whether the theme can be seen by free users or public visitors. As you can imagine, this is pretty rare, since most sites are public.

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